Have you ever noticed what a common fear going to the dentist is? It’s not just kids, adults everywhere just quiver at their knees when you so much as mention a toothache. This isn’t a natural phobia like spiders or snakes, it’s not something you’re born with. So why do we hate dental experts? Well, there are many possible reasons, and many that seem to have played a role in most people’s lives. There are also plenty of reasons why you should just pluck up your courage and shut the fear out of your mind.

You had one bad experience

Chances are, you had a scary moment at the dentist once when you were a little kid. Maybe not at all even – maybe it was just the sound of a drill while you were only in the waiting room. Most, if not all, people can recall an incident or sight or sound that put them off going to a dental surgeon for the rest of their lives. But you have to make a conscious effort to shake off this feeling. Not every orthodontist is going to be scary and cold. If you ask a friend or family member for recommendations, chances are you’ll be able to find a dentist who will make you feel at ease and who will be gentle and nice.

It’s probably not the doc but his office

You may not have had a bad experience, it could just be the office that puts you off. It’s the same reason we hate hospitals. They both have weird smells, most of them are painted sickly colors and have the most unpleasant furniture and magazines. The sounds of the equipment and the sight of other patients in the waiting room, clearly in pain, all these things can be rather upsetting. Especially for kids, dentists and orthodontists’ offices can be terrifying. So it’s good to try and find more pleasant settings, the kind that are better decorated, and more equipped with children’ toys and funny magazines.

A regular checkup keeps the drill away

If it’s pain, needles, or extractions you fear, then what you should be doing is going to the dental hygienist more! By simply scheduling a checkup twice a year, you can make sure that any signs of trouble with your teeth can be addressed before they turn into bigger issues like cavities and oral diseases. If you’ve been getting checkups every six months, you’re not suddenly going to find your orthodontist saying you need a crown put in.

Take the whole day off – with a friend

When you know you have to go to the dentist (especially if you know something is going to get pulled), take the whole day off, grab a friend, and do something fun before the appointment. You’ll find yourself going in with a much better attitude and mood, and the company your friend will be offering while you’re in the chair will ease the burden too.

It doesn’t even hurt

When you go in with that excruciating pain, what the dental surgeon will do is give you something to take the edge off, not make it worse. Even the needle that’s going to flood your system with feel-good chemicals, you’ll only feel it for a split second before your whole jaw just goes numb. And extractions, fillings, and crowns, all these things really won’t hurt at all.

So as much as you might be shaking in your boots the next time you start to feel an ache under your gums, just remember that it’s all in your head. And if you just make a little bit of effort with those checkups, you really won’t have anything to fear in the long run.

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