As many would know, all it takes is a partner with a snoring habit for one’s sleep to be disturbed in the night. Of course, the first person to suffer disturbed sleep is the person snoring himself. All the waking up and going back to sleep, tossing and turning take a heavy toll on the quality of one’s sleep and you invariably wake up tired in the morning with a day’s hard work ahead. With so many anti snoring aids around, one need not suffer. Here are a few simple yet substantially effective anti snoring aids which can help you get peaceful nights of blissful sleep.

Vital Sleep

Vital Sleep is an FDA approved, anti snoring mouthpiece which is easy to use and adjustable. It is a mandibular advancement device which works by gently moving the lower jaw a little forward in order to open up your airway. Given that snoring happens because of a small narrowing in the upper airway, Vital Sleep helps in better flow of air and breathing by helping keep airways open. Due to better flow of air, throat vibrations go down thus reducing the sound produced by snoring. It is conveniently available in 2 sizes, a regular one for men and a smaller one for women.


Zippah is one more anti snoring mouthpiece which operates by a slight forward movement of the lower jaw in order to open up airways. It has an additional tongue stabilizing feature called the Snoring eliminator. This is a tongue trap that prevents the tongue from creating any blockages in the airway. It is an FDA approved, boil and bite type of device. Boil and bite essentially means that that the oral plastic is first heated in order to make the thermoplastic soft which allows for the teeth to make a firm impression. This process creates a mould that is a perfect fit for the individual’s teeth, avoiding a painful jaw due to misalignment.

It comes in one size but can fit most mouths, being a boil and bite device. It is not indicated for treatment for sleep apnea but can be used in conjunction with other treatments with prior approval from the doctor.

Good Morning Snore Solution

The Good Morning Snore Solution uses a slight suction effect in order to pull your tongue forward to ensure that your airway is not blocked at all. This mouthpiece has been clinically proven to treat both sleep apnea and snoring. The manufacturer claims that because this mouthpiece avoids pulling the jaw forward, it does not cause a sore jaw or bite misalignment problems like other anti snoring solutions. The manufacturers do advice of minor side effects such as a tender tongue or excess saliva which would go away with continued use. It is also recommended that you consult your dentist before use if you are using any other oral devices such as teeth grinding equipment.


The ZQuiet is an anti snoring mouth guard which does not require any preparation or moulding prior to use. Like many other devices, it works by slightly advancing your lower jaw in order to prevent the onset of vibrations in the back of your throat which creates snoring. It is approved by the FDA to treat snoring and comes with two mouthpieces of different sizes in order to cater to people who may need lesser or more jaw advancement. The mouth guard is designed in a hinged manner which allows the mouth guard to move in sync with the natural motion of the mouth. The material used to make the guard is free of harmful chemicals, making it safe for everyday use.

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