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Getting older is an inevitable fact of life. As you age or a loved one gets older, you may find that they need more specialized attention or that you may not have the capability of caring for them properly anymore. In cases such as this, you are going to want to think about making use of a residential care home. You want your loved one to have a happy, comfortable and healthy life and the right home can provide all of this for them. Naturally, you are going to want to be careful in choosing just the right location for a care home so you can be sure they are going to get the treatment they deserve. You want to take the time to find a care home you can trust so there may be a few questions you want to ask of anyplace you are considering, such as:

  • Can We Visit First? – This is perhaps the most critical aspect of any residential home you may consider. You want to be sure that you as a caretaker can visit the facility first to make sure it is suitable for your loved one. Ideally, you want the place to be close by to where you live so that you can easily visit when you want. A visit allows you to meet the staff, see the rooms and the grounds, learn more about the services available and perhaps even meet some of the residents. If your visit goes well, you should arrange for a visit by your loved one so you can see how they feel about the facility and whether or not they will like it there.
  • What Activities do You Offer – Quality activities are important in order for it to be a good living environment for your loved one. Learn what types of activities they provide on a daily basis for the residents that are fun, engaging and get people to interact with the staff and each other more. Many places have a variety of in-house activities and also provide means of transportation for outings so that residents can do things such as go to the park, visit stores or a mall and the like.
  • What About the Staff – The staff on hand at the facility is also important to you. You want to know that the people dealing with the residents regularly are experienced and properly trained to help in any way that may be needed. You want a staff of caring individuals that will show genuine interest and concern about the happiness and well-being of your loved one.

Once you get answers to the questions you have asked that suit you, you will know you have found a place that you can really trust. Among the care homes in West Sussex you will find that one residential care home in Crawley stands out in every regard – the Ashtonleigh Residential Care Home.

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