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  1. Mervyn Hyde says:

    I fully back the Junior Doctors, no ifs no buts, it is utterly naïve to believe that the Government is doing this to help the NHS, they are in the process of dismantling the NHS and the state, this has been their long term objective and the proof is here.

    Margaret Thatcher’s secret Cabinet papers, the longer term options, (the secret is in the name, longer term options).

    The public could be forgiven for being confused about what has been happening over the last forty years due to the complicity of Neo-Liberal New Labours interventions, which continued with the same agenda as the Tories.

    People must now realise that we have been duped by politicians and that we must seek a new paradigm that rebuilds those institutions that are so fundamental to a civilised society.

    We also now know, that money is printed out of thin air and that when politicians tell us that we can’t afford our public services, that they are lying to us, We have money, all we need is the government with the will to provide it.

  2. jcashbyblog says:

    You are absolutely right. I have talked until I am blue in the face of the need to confront the govt on an economic platform. In addition to your point about the availability of money there is, e.g. the huge waste of delivering the wrong (IT) solution, the defunct management system that stops NHS staff doing a good job in order to “comply”, the endless corrective activity instead of prevention and focus on costs that drives costs up.
    I have been on three pickets and once you ask the JDs the money question (Why do you believe there is not money?) and discuss the organisational economics you can see the lights come on. These are BRIGHT folk, but the activists – and I am one – have not been providing them with the right ammunition.
    I am trying to put that right at every meeting I attend. Glad to see you are too.

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