There are people who want to know more about different ways to replace their thinning hair. The latest remedy for losing hairs completely can be given the name of scalp micro pigmentation. This is the method by which your scalp gets tiny dots that look like very small hair follicles and you look like you are sporting a new haircut with very short hair length. This can be marked as a solution to baldness and you will not have to think of painful transplants or surgery. This is the modern method by which you can get a new look that shows you with hair on your head and you can use it on some places of your scalp or on the complete scalp area.

Bald head with tattoo

Clinic that offers tattooing

When you want to go for such treatment – you would have to find out a Manchester SMP clinic that is nearer to your home or office. You will find this is not going to go deep into your scalp and is not painful too. They will match the color of the tattoo with normal color of your hair and also with your skin hues. The ink will remain as it is as the ink in tattoos does and you will not have to feel embarrassed with the change in color of your hairs. Often if you have hairs on your scalp that turns grey, your pigmentation of scalp can be retouched to match the total effect.

Differences from traditional tattoos

There are traditional tattoos that are done on the body or even on the scalp but if you compare them with the scalp pigmentation then there are some differences. You will find the scalp pigmentation process does not use permanent pigmentation and the color of the ink will never fade to turn into another different color. The inks used are biodegradable and hence not harmful at all. The SMP process does not apply the ink deeply and there are not cases of ink bleeding on your scalp.

Applying pigmentation

The clinics use local anesthesia for applying the pigmentation and so you will never feel pain for applying such treatment for your baldness. The results are immediate and you will never find any infection or scarring due to such pigmentation treatment. If you have any inhibitions for transplants, this can be an excellent way to treat the thinning or retreating hair on your head. You get an almost clean shaven look with a tinge of color on your head that looks like very short hairs.

Clinical treatment and consultation

When you search for a reputed Manchester SMP clinic – you must find one that have given proven results to your friends or other known persons. You can get a date for consultation and meet the SMP artist to know the benefits of the treatment and the risks that can be there. The experience clinic will have expert technician who can relieve your tensions regarding the pigmentation process. You can ask them to show some videos or pictures of people they have treated. The most important parts that you need to discuss would be their experience, the process of pigmentation and risks if any and the size and condition of the needles. It is important that each client get such a consultation before the actual process of pigmentation so the client can walk in for the treatment with complete knowledge.

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