1The government has misrepresented data and continues to lie about the 7 day NHS. A 7 day 24 hour emergency NHS already exists. Our staffing levels are already at the brink. We will damage care if we stretch 5 days elective (non-emergency services) into 7 days. We need more funding, more doctors, more nurses, more porters, lab staff and other healthcare professionals. 

2The safeguards built into this new contract are inadequate. There is a financial incentive for hospitals to overwork already tired doctors, as it is cheaper to do this and pay fines than hire extra staff (locums) to cover the large staffing gaps which are currently there in our hospitals. This is leading to burn out and doctors leaving the NHS. 

3The government are not being truthful when they are saying doctors are getting a pay rise of 13.5%. They are not. Most hospital (non-consultant) doctors who do any out of hours on-calls will lose out between 10 – 20 %. Working more unsocial hours and getting a pay cut is demoralising for anyone. Please remember that Juniors are trainee doctors and do not get paid as much as the consultants. 

4. The gaps in the rota for doctors and nurses are reaching dangerous levels.  Doctors and nurses are being asked to do more and more every day because the government are not employing more staff. Frequently on a night shift a doctor is being asked to do the work of three doctors and also being asked to act as a more senior doctor. This is dangerous and puts our loved ones at risk.

5. Striking Junior Doctors are defending a high quality NHSan NHS run by well-supported staff who are able to give of their best when caring for you. The Government will attack the jobs of other NHS staff next: underfunding core NHS services and privatising lucrative areas. 

Keep Our NHS Public supports our NHS staff in their hour of need – join us in this campaign to defend our NHS as the most valuable public service, the envy of the world, yet under constant attack from this Government

Produced by BMA Junior Doctors and Keep Our NHS Public in East Midlands

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  1. Mervyn Hyde says:

    Ordinary people have been hoodwinked into believing that the government are trying to deliver an efficient NHS, when in fact they have already abolished it and are using the crisis of their making to accelerate their privatisation agenda.

    The junior doctors are suffering the propaganda onslaught that the miners suffered under Thatcher, this document spells out exactly how the Tories operate:


    This document was written by Nicholas Ridley and in the annex section highlights how manipulate events to their political advantage, backed by a complicit media.

    It is now up to every right thinking person to do everything they can to expose this government, who’s sole intention is to transfer wealth and power upwards, we have all the money we need to fund our public sector, it is just a political choice that chooses to finance the financial sector and refuses to properly fund the public sector.

    None of this is rocket science, but needs expressing as the media work against the common interest in favour of the feral elite.

  2. Elsa Collins says:

    My Family and I stand with the Junior Doctors and our Public NHS.
    We urge the UK government to respect and protect the Doctors’ profession.
    The Junior Doctors need a pay rise.
    The Junior Doctors need enough rest and time to be with their families.
    Tired Doctors can put lives at risk.
    A big thank you!

    Elsa Collins, Alan Collins and Family

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