SHA resolves

  • To campaign for Labour to commit clearly to reversing cuts, outsourcing and privatisation and reinstating the NHS as a comprehensive, publicly owned, funded and provided service meeting clinical need. This should include an end to the use of PFI and a serious solution to the problem of PFI debts; and an expansion of democratic control in the NHS.
  • To campaign for the party to commit to social care becoming a free, publicly owned, funded and provide service.
  • To campaign for much stronger Labour support for the doctors’ strike, the NHS bursary fight and other health workers’ struggles – including by Labour MPs and Shadow Ministers attending picket lines, and by the party working with the TUC to organise a national demo in support of the BMA.
  • To work on this with other Labour NHS campaigns, including Momentum NHS.
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  1. Michael Fuller says:

    We need to think through the implications of ending PFI as a source of NHS capital funding. Are we talking only about new schemes? If so, where is future investment coming from? Public sector borrowing? The argument in favour of that is clear but what will be the cost and what will be the implications for other public sector projects? Who decides the priorities and against what criteria (clinical need, regional investment, areas of deprivation, need for jobs, etc)?

    What about existing contracts? Are we going to buy them out? On what basis (current expenditure, future profits, etc)? How will we meet the enormous costs of that exercise? What if the current contractors don’t want to be bought out? How do we avoid this policy being determined by the Courts? And is this exercise a priority over other public expenditure?

    Individual health authorities will not have the resources to cope with this major change so we need to set out how a central directive will work and how it can be affordable.

  2. rotzeichen says:

    Michael, we already have the money to fund our public services and the NHS, it’s just the Neo-Liberal MPs choose not to. Our NHS has been deliberately underfunded in order to create the conditions to privatise it.

    Just ask yourself how we found £375 billion out of thin air at a time when the whole world banking system had crashed, but now that we need £90 billion to pay for our public services, suddenly we are broke?

    97% of all money in circulation in Britain was printed electronically out of thin air, the Bank of England is the issuer of our currency, our government does NOT need to borrow money, that, that it issues itself, the reason Neo-Liberal politicians choose to borrow, is that they work for the corporate sector not the people of this country.

    We have all the money we need for all our public services, any politician that tells you otherwise is lying to you.

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