Between 6 July and 20 November, the Welsh Government published the Green Paper Our Health, Our Health Service, for consultation. It covered a wide range of topics relating to the health service in Wales and asked for views about what legislative measures could be introduced to improve the quality of health services and the accountability, governance and functions of NHS organisations.
A summary of the responses received during the consultation has been published. 
A total of 170 written responses were received to the consultation, together with comments from more than 40 stakeholder meetings, including two large public events. 
The responses and comments varied widely from detailed views about health board membership and leadership, to comments about achieving collaboration and partnership working and from thoughts about effective regulation and inspection to capturing the patient voice. 
The summary document identifies the key themes to emerge and those areas where there is support for further work and those where legislation is not felt to be the driver for change. 
The detailed responses provide a rich source of information for the next Welsh Government.
The Green Paper consultation summary report is available at:


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