Among healthy adults (whatever “healthy” can be construed to mean), regular vision testing is one of the most oft-neglected health procedures recommended by doctors. Much like dental treatment, people frequently neglect to make an appointment with a vision specialist, especially with the frequency recommended by specialists. The reasons are myriad. Facilities like Optilase Eye Clinic in Belfast make most diagnostic procedures fast and affordable, but it can still be difficult to convince some people that it’s time to get the old eyes checked. Why is that?

For one, people’s vision deteriorates steadily. Because people don’t detect a sudden drop in the way they experience life (the way they would during, say, a cardiac event or something of that nature), people tend to think that their vision is staying the same, when it is actually getting worse. That’s why regular checkups, at least one every two years, are important to keep up. These can be conducted quickly and conveniently, but will be helpful in at least charting an individual’s vision history. Sometimes, these checkups will highlight that a past vision prescription is no longer appropriate for their current vision status.

Another reason people neglect to go to the eye doctor is that the problem doesn’t seem as important as others in their medical life. While in some ways this may be true, bad vision can seriously impede an individual’s ability to progress in a career, live life independently, drive safely, and many other serious results. With regular checkups, a person with poor vision will live life without this disability, just as someone with poor hearing will greatly benefit from hearing aids.

Finally, people neglect going to the eye doctor because they do not realize the excellent possibilities for vision remediation. Not only will glasses restore vision to perfect clarity in most cases, laser eye surgery is getting better and more affordable all the time, restoring perfect vision to most qualified candidates. What used to be an option only for the very rich, today is being extended to people without as much money. It’s even common to find discounts offered, because once a company invests in the equipment necessary to perform these procedures, they’re not actually that expensive to conduct one by one.

In the end, it’s all about communicating value, convenience, and results to a group of people. Without understanding how vision screening will benefit them personally in their everyday life, there’s little chance that someone will go to the trouble of making the appointment. After all, compared to a doctor’s visit there is a limited number of procedures which can be easily performed in a single visit. The individual has to know that the change is going to be meaningful and that they will be able to afford it. With payment plans, improved insurance for many, and better results from innovative procedures like Lasik, it’s only a matter of time before people realize that regular vision testing is one of the best things they can schedule for themselves. Until then, it’s up to healthcare providers to convince them.

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