Most of us know that we could stand to get a bit more exercise, and most of us know that finding the time to do it is tricky. Trying to grapple with work, family and friends is hard enough, and sometimes it seems like finding the time for exercise is practically impossible. However, there are ways for you to make time to exercise and focus on getting healthy once and for all.


Finding the time to exercise can be a nightmare, especially if your days are packed and you’re often busy to squeeze something in. The key to finding the time for exercise is not to find it all, but to make time instead.

Clear your schedule and put in some time for exercise first, then build your plans around that. If you make exercising a priority and treat it with equal importance to the other activities you need to do, and you’ll find that it’s easier to manage. If you know that you’ve got a window for exercise rather than struggling to find the time, you’re more likely to get it done. You could use apps from companies like Superbody to help you organise your fitness schedule.

Change the way you Travel

Many of us are reliant on our cars and use them for getting around everywhere, but do you always need to use your car? If you know you’ve got places to be, then you can turn the journeys into your daily exercise. For example, if you can cycle to and from work you can enjoy the health benefits without having to find the extra time or exercise.

Short Bursts

There are often opportunities for incorporating exercise into the daily routine without it becoming invasive or exhausting. If you can find a spare five minutes here and there throughout your day, you can use this time to get in some exercise. Even if it’s just doing some squats and stretches, finding a little bit of time for exercise each day

Use your time wisely. If you take a break from work, could you use it for exercise? Even doing simple exercises at your desk can be a great way to keep the blood flowing and help you improve your fitness.

Find a Workout Buddy

If you exercise with someone, it becomes more of a commitment that you have to stick to, so you’ll have to make the time for it. Workout buddies also have the advantage of being a great motivator, and if you can arrange to exercise with them frequently, and make it a part of your regular routine.
No matter how busy you are, there are always ways to find the time for exercise, and by finding the time. How have you managed to find the time for exercise?

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