If you play or take part in sport then unless you play tiddlywinks injuries large or small is part and parcel of the pursuit. Some sports like Rugby and athletics are obviously linked to injury but you may be surprised that less physical sports like Darts also throw up injuries to its participants. So, what are the common sporting injuries and how many of these have you had?

Rugby is one contact sport which you would expect maximum injury – unlike American Football which has padding, helmets and face guards. Rugby has a more traditional approach and as a result muscular strains and sprains are very common. Sprained ankles account for 1 in 7 of injuries and maybe this is not surprising due to the sudden shifts in weight applied to the standing or running foot.

Within football there is always coverage of injury within the media so this has educated the player who plays at a local level. Who can forget the Wayne Rooney injuries which have blighted his career at major tournaments – it is safe to say that a fresher Rooney would have scored more than the solitary finals goal he scored at the Brazilian World Cup. The knee is the area most susceptible to injury in football and this is due to the change in direction and impact after jumping to head the ball.

So what about sports which demand a lot of mental energy but very little physical? Darts for example, is just a case of throwing a sharp little object a short distance at a board at eye level – surely no injury risk? The biggest risk is ‘dart elbow’ and the risk of repetitive strain to the wrist, these injuries are not due to the impact but more due to how often an action is performed. To be a pro darts player can you imagine how much practice is involved? With big money to be made darts is a popular sport and no longer the domain of smokey pubs and the rubbish prizes won on Bullseye! The Professional Darts Corporation is now a big event on sports channels and pro darts players can now win large sums of money rather than a bag of pork scratchings and a pint of cider. You can view the latest odds and sporting news for the PDC with Betway – this can make the viewing experience of top level darts more intense.

As people play sport away from work and as a hobby you are constantly juggling enjoying your hobby and the benefits it brings and weighing up the risk of injury. An injury can be a real inconvenience at work and in life so it’s worth fully researching and being aware of the risks prior. If you can take appropriate protection and wear appropriate clothing this can reduce the vast majority – also realise that lesser impact sports can also result in injury so be aware and be careful.

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