Our Contemporary Resolution for the Labour Party Conference:

Conference notes:

August 3rd letter sent to English NHS Trusts by Monitor, declaring that current financial plans are ‘’quite simply unaffordable’’ and that Trusts should fill vacancies ‘’only where essential’’

August 4th report by the Chartered Institute for Public Finance  which notes government hopes of saving £22bn over the next 5 years are already ‘’optimistic’’, taking no account of pledges to increase 7-day services and to introduce a ‘’living wage’’, let alone preventing the knock-on effects on the NHS of government’s failure to invest in social care and its 6.2% cuts this year to grants to Local Authorities for public health. Cipfa warned that drastic solutions are now required which may include a greater reliance on health insurance and / or direct payment by patients towards the cost of their healthcare.

The predicted deficit of £2 billion for NHS trusts in England this year.

Labour should campaign for

  • An integrated health and social care system that is free at the point of use, publicly owned, adequately funded and publicly accountable;
  • An end to attacks on the sick and disabled and an assessment of the health impact of all government policies;
  • no service closures or ‘’reconfigurations’’ without proper local consultation and consent and only where sufficient suitable alternatives are laid down in advance;
  • A serious attempt to tackle the causes of ill health as proposed by Sir Michael Marmot: economic inequality, substance abuse, excessive consumption of sugar and insufficient exercise
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  1. Tony Jewell says:

    Well done – I support this succinct statement. Pleased to incorporate Marmots point about inequality/Health impact assessments applied to all policies.

  2. Terri Eynon says:

    Spot on. Especially the last point. Cuts to local government are now cuts to Public Health. The biggest driver of health inequality is social inequality, which is going in the wrong direction fast under this Govt.

    Neoliberalism assumes that people have choice and are responsible for those choices. Anyone who has studied retail marketing knows otherwise.

    It is easy to assume that the epidemic of obesity is due to greed, idleness and ignorance. The financiers running our country will not want us to notice clever marketing of fructose by a greedy food industry.

    The marketeers have noticed that fructose has the ability to overcome our body’s natural homeostatic mechanisms. It is the stuff that makes food “more-ish”. Fine in a hunter-gatherer society, in which pigging out on seasonal fruit before the winter makes sense, it is the food industry’s dream additive. Laying down fat for a winter famine that never arrives, we now have a population who are heading for decades of miserable disability as their arteries fur up and kidneys fail.

    Jamie Oliver’s “sugar tax” petition has been rejected by the Government. Surprise surprise! Cutting the local government Public Health grant adds insult to injury.

    Here at the grass roots I am now seeing both extremes. Morbid Obesity is not the only problem in primary care. I and my colleagues in primary mental health are now seeing women who are so underweight they have lost their appetite and are at risk of dying of starvation. This is not anorexia nervosa. These are women with no desire to be thin. They are so far in debt they cannot afford to feed themselves and their children. They have already been to the FoodBank three times and are out of tokens.

    I hope this motion gets a good debate at Conference.

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