You might have heard our new leader  Jeremy Corbyn thanking us for nominating him in his acceptance speech on Saturday. We’ve had a letter this morning repeating his thanks and saying:

“Health is key. Central to this must be the repeal of Health and Social Care Act and an end to the internal market and privatisation of NHS services.  It’s also a question of a more holistic approach to health, and addressing the grotesque health inequalities existing in modern Britain.”

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  1. At last Labour has a more mainstream leader who doesn’t accept neo liberalism.
    His plans for health including abolishing the market could release resources now spent on bureaucracy and if as PM he does take on the PFI scandal we could see a welcome increase in NHS spending by these two measures alone

  2. Our NHS is not for sale, and we can now campaign to take it back.

    I look forward to the campaign and this alone will get Labour back into office.

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