Dieting is not properly understood by most people out there. This is definitely a truth that cannot be denied. Unfortunately, not much is known about it and there are also so many misconceptions that appear. People do not diet and that is quite obvious when looking at statistics since it is really easy to notice that the population of the world is getting fatter.

Excuses are so easy to find. There are various reasons why people would not diet. However, some are much more common than others. The truth is that the following reasons are those that we see more often than others.


In order to create your own weight loss diet plan, you need to be active and you have to do some work. Most people today are lazy. One of the most common reasons why people do not diet is the fact that they are way too lazy to do this. Unfortunately, not much can be done about it if that is the situation a person is faced with. The trick in this case is to try to find some sort of motivation. After all, dieting is done for the well-being of an individual. Ironically, it also helps to become less lazy due to the extra burst of energy that would appear.

The Belief That Dieting Is Expensive

We normally learn that we need to eat right in order to be able to have a healthy diet. That is definitely true but it does not mean that you would end up having to spend a lot of cash in the process. In fact, most of the healthy foods that you would use as the foundation of your nutritional plan would cost a lot less than what you believe. Dieting is definitely not expensive. Even if you use supplements, the costs associated with a healthy diet are much lower than they used to be in the past because of the higher availability of healthy food.

Bad Results With A Previous Diet

There are so many diets that are recommended by scammers and the media can easily make you think that a specific diet is good for you when the truth is not actually like that. Most of the diet plans that are advertised are not actually effective.

People use a diet, usually the one that has a lot of advertising surrounding it. If the results are bad, there will be a belief that no diet can help the individual. That is incorrect. We need to understand the fact that the body of one individual can easily react differently than the body of another individual. With this in mind, we have to experiment. Also, the best possible diets are the ones that focus on the appropriate nutrients that the body needs and counting calories.

Not Wanting To Go To The Gym

People tend to think that they need to work out a lot in order to lose weight. They do not want to go to the gym. What you have to understand is that you do not necessarily have to go to the gym in order to lose weight. There are so many different workout routines that you can use. Also, you can even not work out and just focus on the dieting aspect in order to lose weight. It is something you have to remember at all costs.

If you can’t take exercise and dieting hasn’t worked for you you could try diet pills.

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  1. Going on a diet is generally pointless for most people. Either it dosnt deliver weight loss, or if it does,it is followed by weight gain, followed by another diet – a dangerous process in itself. What people should be encouraged to do is change the food they eat and enjoy – and to a lesser extent the exercise they take. So less salt, fewer calories, fewer sugar rushes, less fat,more veg, more fruit, more brown colored carbs. This can be done by radical food industry reform, and by affordable healthy home cooking education and encouragement. And ignore unconvincing “food deserts” arguments.

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