The beauty industry is now an established staple of modern life. Scientific and medical developments and innovations have meant that men and women now have options to deal with cosmetic issues that they don’t like or want and the use of Botox, dermal fillers and other non-surgical interventions have meant the beauty industry has gone from offering just facials, false eyelashes and manicures and makeup kit, to offer people the opportunity to temporarily change how they look.

Professionalism too

As people look for more complex, yet effective procedures, the beauty industry has risen to the challenge, professionalising itself with standards of practice and training. However, there is an interesting dilemma for beauticians, and one that they themselves debate and discuss – the wearing of latex gloves to administer treatment.

There are times when this is necessary to protect the patient and themselves. The possibility of contracting blood-borne diseases is never far from anyone’s mind hence, the use of needles puncturing the skin should always be administered whilst wearing gloves.

Other than this, latex gloves in the beautician’s world hold many pros and cons:

Protection against transfer of infections

There is no doubt that the main advantage of wearing gloves is as a protective barrier against transfer of bacteria and infections. In the main, the beautician tends to decide for his or herself if they wear the gloves or not for procedures where there is no exchange of blood, or possible contact with bodily fluids.

Protect against harsh chemicals or burns

There are all kinds of solvents and chemicals that are used in the beauty world and although in small, individual doses they help the client achieve the look they want, for the beautician using them several times a day, they can represent a threat to their own skin. After all, constant exposure of the hands to tanning lotion would create an unpleasant look for the beautician, with no hope of removing it.

Expected and signifiesprofessionalism

There is also something about the latex glove giving an air of professionalism to services. In fact, many clients come to expect people in some professions to wear them and thus, it may be that for the beauty industry, there may be times when latex gloves being worn is expected.

On the other side of the coin, some people feel that wearing gloves is not the way forward in some beauty treatments or situations;

People prefer or like the touch of human skin on theirs

There are some treatments that benefits from the touch of human skin and contact. Many people say that a massage given by latex gloved hands is not so appealing.

Some say you don’t get the same dexterity of touch

Surgeons have long been at the forefront of creating latex gloves that allow for not only comfort when worn over a long period of time, but in dexterity too. Gloves are, after all, a barrier with the wearer often complaining at the muted sense of touch. In response to this, gloves have evolved to offer better wearabiity and increased dexterity.

Some people are allergic

There is an argument that more and more people are becoming allergic to latex. This argument is not devoid of all scientific fact, with experts suggesting that the use of latex in all kinds of products makes its commonality its enemy. However, there are many new gloves on the market that are not made from latex, and these can be used in situations where latex allergies are present.

There is hidden beauty in the latex glove for the cosmetic and beauty industry. Forming a protective barrier, there are times when the wearing of it is expected but in other ways, their use isstill debated.

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