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As the old saying goes, thoughts form actions, actions form habits, habits form character. If you want to establish a healthy lifestyle, it follows that you need to find the discipline to form routines that shape the person you want to become. If you want to stay in a state of physical health, examine ways in which you can adjust sleeping patterns, or perhaps what you eat. This is not news for most people, but just common sense.

Ultimately, good habits are about establishing routine and balance. Yes, it is good to get exercise, but if you overload on time at the gym at the expense of a social life, chances are that you will be lopsided in some areas – physically fit perhaps, but also tending a bit towards the anti-social. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some positive habits one can build by just plugging away at a certain activity on a regular basis, with the goal of building a relatively balanced lifestyle in mind.

Exercise: No Pain, No Gain

It doesn’t really matter how you choose to exercise as long as you get your heart rate up over sustained period of time. Depending on your age and fitness level, somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes three to four times a week is a reasonable and achievable amount of time to allocate to preserving the strength and fitness of your corporeal vessel. After all, if you don’t take care of your body, it won’t take care of you.

The goal here shouldn’t be to overwork yourself; if exercise is something you end up dreading because it’s too difficult or stressful, it will be hard to maintain it long enough to where it becomes second nature. Instead, find ways to make working up a sweat fun. Make it social by playing a sport on a community team with some friends, or joining an aerobics class some ladies from the neighbourhood recently starting going to. Yoga and swimming are recommended for their ability to build muscle whilst not putting too much stress on joints, and for improving flexibility and range of motion.

Diet: You are what you Eat

This goes hand in hand with diet. If you aren’t eating well, your newly-formed svelte body won’t show off the goods to your friends (and show off to prospective partners). Eating well has the added benefit of eating foods that taste good. After all, nobody wants to eat a diet of plain salads if they taste bland with nothing to spice it up. Building a good repertoire of healthy recipes you can reliably cook well is a great way to save money, impress or even make friends, and feel great about your energy level and body at the same time.

Leisure: All Work and No Play…

Yes, it is important to work hard, but equally important is down time for your mind to take a break. Many, many studies have confirmed that simply grinding away at work does not in fact produce the most results; instead, taking regular breaks over a short and long-term period gives your brain a chance to recuperate, decompress, and come back with a fresh perspective.

Online games, to take one example, are readily available to play from your computer or smart phone. Casinos are fun and stimulating in a relaxing way as they do not require much thinking, but when you inevitably hit a jackpot, you are rewarded with a rush of serotonin. There are other games online that you can play with friends and turn into a social activity. Sometimes, it’s important to just feel good and relax.

Read: Growing the Mind

As important to maintaining our physical health is expanding our mental capacity. Nowadays, not many people actually sit down to read a book. They are busy scouring the internet for easily digestible nuggets of information their friends have shared on their favourite social-networking program. Yet, research shows that focusing our attention and mental energy on a single topic – delving deeper into the nuances of a subject – allows us to more readily focus our minds on other important tasks. If you develop of a good habit of reading, you will gradually expand your knowledge on any topic you choose to learn about.



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