Where you live has a lot to do with how you get from point A to point B. Country-dwellers are often very dependent upon using their cars, since they likely live a solid drive away from just about anywhere. Other forms of transportation are available, but it is more inconvenient to have your own vehicle. City-dwellers have to be a little more flexible. Crowded municipalities make it difficult to own a car – as parking, traffic, and the general cost of living don’t work in favor of having one’s own private vehicle. What’s more, public transportation options like bus, trolley, subway, and Taxi/Uber/Lyft make it possible for even well-to-do folks to get around without having to rely on owning a car. One option for both country and city dwellers is the use of bicycle. Perfect for both city and country, bicycle is making a resurgence in the Western world.

Even if you don’t have a bike shop nearby, you can buy bikes online at Cycling Express. You can enjoy a bicycle anywhere, but the use, savings, and benefit of your bicycle will vary based on where you live.

City Dwellers

People who live in large urban areas may find bikes to be the most convenient way to get around. And with many cities worldwide adopting bike-friendly urban design, it’s becoming easier to travel in bikes than ever. Just go to Minneapolis or to regions like Finland and see that some people have adopted the bicycle as the preferred means of travel. The personal benefits are immediate and lasting.

For one, it’s much healthier to walk or bike to the places you need to go than it is to drive in a car or to use public transportation. Bike riders enjoy better cardiovascular health and their overall wellness tends to exceed that of people who only ride. Bike riding also has noted therapeutic effect, forcing people to slow town, savor the journey, and take more time for individual elements of a hectic life.

It’s also possible for city dwellers to save money riding bikes. With city taxes and general cost of living being higher than in the country, it’s important to take your savings where you can get it. By riding a bike, you’ll avoid the thousands a year in cost for owning your own car, truck, van, or SUV.  You can get the best mountain bike under $1000. The annual cost of owning a bike is 10% or less of that of owning a car. You do the math.

Country Dwellers

People outside the city can still derive benefit from owning a bike, even though they’ll still need more complex transportation to get places outside of their immediate vicinity. The health benefits described above still apply, and if bike riding can become a hobby, its ramifications for health and happiness are only compounded.

No matter who you are, a bicycle can be your best friend. Whether riding to work, using a bike to do errands, or simply taking a leisurely ride through your area, using a bike is both enjoyable and practical. Bike riding can improve your health and help your finances. If you don’t have a bicycle, it’s easy to find and buy one. Use this bicycle buying guide to help find the perfect bike for you and start to enjoy all the good that’ll come into your life from bicycles.  Start your children on a healthy road with a balance bike.

Here is another useful website for assistance in choosing your ideal bicycle.

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