Many of today’s strong business leaders are heavily involved with philanthropic causes. Sometimes these causes are close to them because they or a friend or family member has suffered from the particular disease or problem. Other times, philanthropist business people just see a problem that many others are suffering from and they want to find a solution. Here are a few examples of business leaders contributing to the greater good:


While it may seem like the AIDS epidemic is under control if you live in the United States or other developed countries, the truth is that areas such as the country of Nigeria are still ravaged by the effects of the disorder. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar  and the Gede Organization are working to fight the ravages of AIDS and HIV in Nigeria. By taking care of the whole patient and their caregivers or close family members, Gede combats many of the outlying issues associated with HIV affliction. Often those afflicted feel ashamed, and as a result do not always seek treatment as quickly as they could. Gede offers counselling and medical treatment so that patients learn that they are worthy of care, and do not experience the devastating mental effects of constant shame and depression.

Inequality and healthcare

While inequality in itself is not a disease, it functions to keep disadvantaged people from getting the medical care that they need to lead healthy and productive lives. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was created by the Microsoft founder to help combat inequality all over the world. The foundation regularly gives out grants for advanced and innovative medical research so that affordable treatments are available for basic healthcare needs. Affordable treatments mean that health issues are treated before they have devastating effects on those afflicted. When people are healthier, they are able to contribute more to local economies and dedicate more time towards building a better life for themselves and their families.

Malaria: old disease still a modern problem

Malaria has long been a problem in many tropical areas of the world. The ExxonMobil Foundation offers grants to fight the disease. With business holdings in many of the areas where malaria is still an epidemic problem, Exxon saw that by fighting the disease they could contribute to saving thousands of lives each year. As global warming brings malaria to more places around the globe, it is clear that this is an important healthcare concern to more people than ever before. With more individuals travelling abroad for pleasure or business there is increased concern that the disease will continue to spread.

The importance of giving back

Businesses could not exist without people. This is but one reason why it is important for businesses to play an active support role in various sectors of philanthropy. Giving back to the geographic locations and people that help make a business great fosters good will and helps companies succeed and increase the amount of business they do.

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