We asked our members who the Socialist Health Association should support in the leadership campaign. 143 members voted.

leadership poll

Jeremy Corbyn was the clear winner.  Overwhelming on first preference, not so overwhelming when 2nd, 3rd and 4th preferences are taken into account.

Deputy leader poll

Tom Watson was the choice for Deputy Leader.

We have therefore submitted supporting nominations for these two candidates.

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  1. Peter Mayer says:

    Good having recently been to the Birmingham Hustings support these nominations but how many voters were, as I am, Medical Professionals?

  2. Dylan Jeffrey says:

    Very disappointing to choose two men for Leader and Deputy Leader. Nine candidates with a majority of women standing and it would have been nice to have got a balance but that’s democracy and emphasises yet again the continued need for strategies to be in place to smash glass ceilings either during the contest or to be put in place afterwards.

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