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  1. Col. David Ross says:

    House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
    Tel: 020 7219 3545

    Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP. Re: Trident Submarines.alternative? Allow the Americans to keep their Nuclear Subs stationed in United Kingdom Navy Ports for FREE.

    Dear Jeremy Corbin,

    I am disgusted with the recent vote on the Trident Submarines. You are right and the tories are so very very wrong continuing to be WARMONGERS. Meanwhile perhaps allowing the Americans to keep their Nuclear Subs stationed in our United Kingdom Navy Ports may be an excellent alternative to wasting our taxpayers money on TRIDENT.

    Offer the Americans free docking in our Navy Ports with extra security. We have the worldwide protection we need without the expense. The Americans and United Kingdom Security can protect our Navy Ports and there is no need to upgrade Trident Subs.

    You will be the hero of the hour by offering my suggestion to solve a massive expense we do not need or can afford.
    Here is how the line up looks for nuclear subs in our hateful world, Submarine Strength by Country
    Inline images 1

    Kind regards,

    Col. David Ross

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