The annual Child Safety Week campaign is organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and it aims to raise public awareness to the risks of accidents that children are vulnerable to and provide tips on how these accidents can be prevented. This year, the 2015 Child Safety Week will be held from June the 1st to June the 7th and the safety week is aimed at parents and children, as it educates both young and old about hidden dangers that lurk in everyday situations within the home.

Did you know that 25,000 children under the age of five are taken to A&E departments every year as a result of being poisoned accidentally? More accidents happen in the living room more than any other room in the home and each year, and over 4,200 children suffer injuries as a result of falling down the stairs and a similar amount are injured after falling from a window.

Naturally it is paramount for parents to be aware of the dangers present to their children and to circumvent these, such is the duty of care. If a parent or guardian fails to provide said care as is the responsibility bestowed unto them then it is mandatory for social services to begin care proceedings so as to ensure the utmost safety for each child. This is the worst case scenario for any parent & ultimately avoidable if the time is taken to build knowledge on proper childcare.

In 2015, Child Safety Week will be focusing on “Teatime Terrors” and the types of accidents that commonly occur in the home at this time of the day and practical solutions will be highlighted to help parents to build safety into their regular teatime routines.

Here are some of the potential dangers that will be highlighted in 2015:

  • Burns caused by kitchen appliances such as kettles and toasters
  • Hot water scolds
  • The dangers of cooking such as scorching oil, boiling water and hot pans

Every year, CAPT provides a wide range of helpful resources to ensure it is easy to promote safety measures in fun ways through local events and activities that encourage everyone to participate. Different individuals and organisations that include child minders, nurseries, hospitals, schools, children’s centres and fire and rescue teams host events throughout the dedicated safety week, as risks and safety measures are put under the spotlight.

Smart parenting can dramatically help to reduce the amount of accidents that happen within the home every year but many people are unaware of some of the most basic dangers. This is why Child Safety Week is so important, as it aims to educate parents, as well as children, about these dangers to reduce the amount of accidents that occur each year. According to statistics, more accidents take place in the home than anywhere else and with more than two million children under the age of 15 having to go to A&E as a result of an accident at home every year, it highlights just how important it is to raise awareness to these dangers.

The dedicated safety week aims to help parents to identify risks in the home but it also helps children to think for themselves in order to avoid potentially hazardous situations. By providing education in a fun environment, children take in the information and are more open to learning for themselves about how to avoid the potential perils that lurk in all households. You can get involved by visiting an event held by a local organisation with your child or you can set up your own event by signing up online, so you can receive information on available resources.

Child Safety Week 2015 “Teatime Terrors” events look set to attract parents and children all over the country, which is great news for CAPT as well as the numerous organisers focused so hard on reducing the number of unnecessary accidents in the home each year.

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