There has been a lot of speculation recently on exactly what impact e-cigarettes are having on teenagers and whether they are becoming an introductory way to smoking. There was an article recently that discussed e-cigarettes becoming the alcopops of the nicotine world and that out of 16000 teenagers, one in five have tried e-cigarettes.

This has publically sparked a lot of discussion on whether e-cigarettes are in fact introducing teenagers to smoking. The more interesting part was that the survey also found out that the link between trying alcohol and trying e-cigarettes was even higher. This has resulted in a lot of people speaking up and saying that e-cigarettes could be a health issue for teenagers but before a bad light is again displayed on the e-cigarette industry a closer look at the facts from the survey shows it could be otherwise.

From what was gathered, the main summary from this is that most teenagers that drank alcohol had also tried e-cigarettes. This does not necessarily suggest that e-cigarettes are a gateway for teenagers to start smoking. It more accurately suggests that there is a certain category of “at risk” teenagers that are open to the use of things such as alcohol and cigarettes and this now also could include e-cigarettes. Whilst it is an issue for younger teens to be using e-cigarettes, it means that e-cigarettes are now in the same category as alcohol and should be regulated in a similar fashion. This does not necessarily show that e-cigarettes are a gateway device which a lot of people seem to interpret.

To summarise the evidence from the survey. There needs to be a far stronger regulation on who can access e-cigarettes and really start to be stricter on ensuring that e-liquid which is the part of the e-cigarette that contains the nicotine substance is not available to anyone under the age of 18.

I spoke to Darren Sharples who is one of the Co-Founders of Cloudstix who has an online website selling e-cigarettes as well as several shops in the UK:

“The survey is absolutely correct in that nicotine should not get into the hands of anyone under the age of 18. Since Cloudstix was formed in 2012 we have put measures in place to ensure that all of our staff ID anybody that could be under the age and our website has strict notices on every product. If all vendors were to undertake a similar policy it would certainly help the industry as a whole.”

This shows that some of the larger e-cigarette suppliers are taking this matter seriously and the rest should consider following soon before the e-cigarette industry gets tarnished with further bad reputation.

There always seems to be a small percentage of teens that will go against rules and it seems to be the same teenagers that try alcohol will also try e-cigarettes. It is up to the ecigarette suppliers to ensure they have checks in place to make it as difficult as possible for users under 18 to get hold of e liquid.

E-cigarettes are being thoroughly tested now. There are studies being released that show they are less harmful than smoking but the full tests have yet to be revealed and decided. Now, we can’t deny the fact that there is a decline happening for e-cigs and these handheld vapes are on the rise (Check more information about portable vaporizer). This might just be another way for the smoking community to evolve and have the option to eliminate their smoking habits for a healthier alternative.

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  1. Medusa Juice says:

    Of course kids are going to use them, when I was a child I tried cigarettes and kids today will too, however we have to be realistic. Children will be children and they will smoke/vape. Me personally, I would rather my child tried an e-cig than a cigarette any day of the week!

  2. Kids are ALWAYS going to try things. Every day they’re trying normal cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and other bad stuff but that’s life. We can’t wrap them up in bubble wrap, all we do is educate them well and hope they make the right choices. As mentioned above, i’d rather my kids try an e-cig over a tobacco cigarette.

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