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There’s no denying the harmful effects of smoking. Each year in the UK, approximately 100,000 people die from this habit and many more deaths are caused by smoking-related illnesses. Cigarettes are known to increase individuals’ risk of developing over 50 serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke and a range of cancers. The good news is, if you quit the habit, you can reverse much of the damage and give your health a major boost. For example, after a year of being smoke-free, your risk of heart attack and heart disease will fall to around half that of a smoker.

Of course, giving up is much easier said than done. However, there are ways that you increase your chances, and here are five of the most effective.

1) Switch to electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a popular option among people who want to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. These electrical devices can contain nicotine, but rather than producing smoke, they emit an odourless (or flavoured!) vapour. E-cigs are seen by many as a healthier and cheaper alternative to conventional cigarettes. There is now a variety of these products on the market, ranging from standard to premium e cigarettes and they all offer a quick way to get off conventional cigarettes.

2) Try nicotine replacement therapy

Another tactic you can turn to in your bid to quit the habit is nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). These products come in the form of skin patches, inhalators, chewing gums, nasal and mouth sprays and tablets, and they work by releasing nicotine at a steady rate into your bloodstream at much lower levels than cigarettes. Gradually the dosage is reduced until eventually it is stopped.

3) Use medication

There are also medications on offer. Bupropion, which was originally used to treat depression, has been shown to help people control their cravings. Another medicine is varenicline. This works by preventing nicotine from binding to receptors in the brain, reducing the rewarding effects of smoking.

4) Make changes to your lifestyle

Making small but significant changes to your lifestyle could help you quit too. For example, research has suggested that exercise can reduce cravings. So, getting more active might help you beat your addiction. It also helps to socialise with non-smokers.

5) Seek support

Another tip is to make the most of the support on offer. If you’re struggling to maintain your resolve, speak to friends and family. You might benefit from attending a support group too, and bear in mind that there is lots of information and advice available online.

By trying these tactics, you should find it easier to quit smoking. It’s certainly worth making the effort. The benefits to your health can be immense, and you can also save money by giving cigarettes up.

Image by Global Panorama, used under the Creative Commons license.


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    Medical Acupuncture will help smokers to cease this addiction

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