Just as with the role of alternative and complementary medicine in modern healthcare, there are many misconceptions that are associated with the nursing profession. We have to realize the fact that nursing is not properly understood. This is such a shame since the stereotypes make the entire job of the professionals a lot tougher than it already is. While we are quite sure that you already know that not all the nurses are sexy and you do not believe this myth anymore, those that are highlighted below may still be reality for a lot of people.

Nurses Just Help Doctors

This is one myth that has been around for such a long time now and there is no sign that it will go away soon. The nurses actually treat and diagnose patients every single day. They are in charge of patient education and do work so many hours with not that much time available for them. The nurse is definitely not the doctor’s secretary. The nurse is a true professional.

Nurses Just Wanted To Be Doctors But Failed

This is completely incorrect. The nurses are not medical college drop-outs or individuals that did not manage to become doctors. This is a separate profession and most of the nurses are really passionate about the careers that they are going through. The doctors are trained in order to treat symptoms and diagnoses diseases while nurses are usually trained to offer holistic healthcare. You will see that nurses visit you while in the hospital just for chatting while doctors do not actually stay a lot in the room.

All Nurses Are Women

It is a shame to see so many that look at male nurses and see them as failures since not all nurses are women. This is just a really common myth. Around 6 percent of all the nurses are male and the men are really good at the job that they do. A big reason why this myth still exists is the influence of the media, with many shows still using only female nurses. Do not think about the gender of the nurse since it is completely irrelevant.

Nurses Are Stupid Or Not As Smart As A Doctor

The registered nurse spends over 4 years in medical school and can go through even more education. Nurses need to go through a lot of schooling, go through clinical trials and need to react really fast. The nurse is basically just as intelligent and competent as the physician you trust at the moment. The nurse techs even perform research or publish papers, treat illnesses, administer medication and diagnose patients. Never underestimate the IQ of a nurse. Every single one went through a complex training program that is needed for the license to be obtained.

All Nurses Are The Same

This is another myth that way too many believe. Just as there are differences between cardiologists and gynecologists, different nurses can have different career paths to take. As a simple example, the pediatric nurse is highly skilled in the treatment and care of children. Nurses do specialize, just like the doctors do!

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  1. George Nieman says:

    Good to hear what we in the profession know is the truth. It is well known that Junior doctors depend upon the nurses to make medical decisions.

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