With the national health services rolls expanding, patients all across the UK are experiencing longer than anticipated wait times for visits with their general practitioners (GPs).  Patients are also being cautioned to expect fewer necessary services being offered as more and more GPs reduce their offerings due to the necessary reduction of time spent per patient.  Industry experts are also anticipating a loss of quality in routine treatments as resources are maxed out in an effort to serve more patients with the same or fewer resources in staff and equipment on hand. With this news, the proactive purchase of private medical insurance has become a health wise decision, one that provides a sense of financial well being.

One clear difference between private medical insurance experience and the offerings of the public health services is a matter of choice.  The required referral of a GP who has control over whether or not you will be referred to a specialist as well as the location and facility where the treatment will be carried out.  If the idea of making the best decision for you and your health appeals, then consideration of the pros and cons of private or public healthcare should be of keen interest.

Besides choice, the matter of quality has become another significant talking point of the medical industry across the UK.  Accessibility to doctors who are well trained and at the cutting edge of their specialty in the use of the most up to date medical equipment and breakthrough treatments can significantly reduce a patient’s treatment and recovery times; meaning the loss of income due to work stoppage is reduced and the patient’s quality of life is more quickly set to rights.  Patients with private medical coverage are also less likely to be held at the mercy of the cumbersome approval process as governed by the NHS, and are more apt to be involved with decision making process regarding his or her treatment and the services deemed necessary by the doctor.  Decisions for treatment and access are granted in a matter of days, and based on the specific needs of the individual as opposed to the public health guidelines, which takes a more one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare.

In the Greater London Area, a GP referral for a heart valve operation can take anywhere from 4 to 19 weeks before fulfillment at an NHS governed facility;  this time span is in line with the 18 weeks of wait time between referral and an appointment in accordance with the public health guidelines.  With private insurance coverage, one could consider Spire Healthcare- where one can book a diagnostic appointment with a specialist for as few as 24 hours from the time of the initial inquiry.  Clearly the patient with private medical insurance coverage is able to act to his or her own advantage regarding choice of specialist, the timing of medically necessary procedures and they enjoy having a greater say in their own treatment timeline.

The Insurance Service was established with the goal of meeting the needs of clients with an interest in preserving his or her quality of life in the event of a major illness or accident and, even death.  When considering the future, protecting your family and assets against the unforeseeable is an important aspect of long-term financial health.  Don’t leave to chance the access to choices, a higher quality of care and efficiency of service when all of these things can be so easily attained.


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  1. The single most important piece about an insurance based system and the NHS is that the NHS does not require a credit card to gain access.

    The other small point the private sector costs more and because they are motivated by profit before care they do not have the specialist staff that the NHS caters for, and so when something unexpected happens the private sector dump their patients on the NHS to solve the problems, and as has been highlighted in the press, there have for that very reason been 880 deaths in the private sector over the last four years. Private care is very risky for some people.

    And yes there is a difference between private care and the NHS which is why we need to get the private sector out of our NHS and the rest of our public services.

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