Leading an independent and fulfilled life is vital for all. As you get older or if you suffer from health problems, independence becomes increasingly more important. Mobility aids are a solution.

How to retain independence

The first thing to remember is that those whose life has changed as a result of age, illness or accident will be scared. They’ll worry about their future, how they will cope with their new lives, and the challenges and the problems that they may encounter. You should, therefore, help them to realise that even though they may need to adjust their lives, change, though inevitable is also viable. One way in which you can do this is to suggest that castors from Tente UK, can be fixed to beds and chairs in order to make these items of furniture more manoeuvrable. If your loved one is waiting to return home from hospital, then draw up a care plan for independent home living with the relevant care team.

Independence is possible for all

One way of coping with diminished walking ability, is to look at mobility aids. A recent article, published on The Economic and Social Research Council website, suggests that ‘ wellbeing is driven by psychological and social factors such as independence and social interaction, rather than income, education or home ownership.’ If your loved one has problems walking, or is scared of falling, a wheeled walker may be a solution. Wheeled walkers have brakes, so your loved one will feel in control of this appliance. These mobility aids are safer than walking sticks; and they can also be folded away, when not in use.

Mobility scooters are cool

Anyone who wants to lead an independent life, but has walking problems will want to invest in a mobility scooter. These wonderful machines will allow you freedom of movement and complete independence. Admittedly some drivers tend to use the scooters as if they were taking part in the Le Mans 24 hr race, but on the whole, these appliances will allow you the power to do what you want, when you want, and that’s important.

Stairlifts stop accidents

If you know someone that lives in a multiple storey house, and you are concerned about their ability to negotiate the stairs, then a stairlift is the answer. An article on the Age UK website suggests that these are the safest tools for anyone with mobility problems to make full use of the whole of their home. Younger family members may also find the stairlift useful if they have had too much to drink and want to reach their bedrooms, but that’s another matter entirely.

Caring for your loved ones at home

It’s difficult caring for a loved one who has mobility challenges. Before you rush out and buy any mobility aids, spend some time talking and listening to them. Find out what the priorities are. Ask for a physiotherapy assessment from the professionals. The best present you can give anyone is a hug and a cuddle.

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