Insomnia is a frustrating condition and according to the National Sleep Foundation, women are two times more likely to suffer from the condition than men. This is due to female hormones working overtime during certain periods of their life. Despite this, many men also have insomnia and even animals can fall victim to the restless monster. There are certain aspects of living a sleepless life that only those who stay awake for the majority of their time will understand.

  1. Sunrises get old – fast.
    Sure, a sunrise is beautiful and romantic and all the rest of it but there comes a time in one’s life when they have witnessed so many that they would die happy if they slept through the next 365 sunrises.
  2. You are basically nocturnal, like an owl… or a bat.
    If you could sleep, you would. But unfortunately you spend your nights lying awake, staring up at the ceiling until finally you give up and have a game of bingo to pass by the wee hours of the morning.
  3. Life-altering decisions are made at night
    While the rest of the house (and country) is asleep, you’re up planning your future and discovering the meaning of life… the only problem is that you will be too tired the next morning to remember any of it.
  4. You count the hours you have left to sleep
    Time waits for no man, literally. The best thing to do is to fling your alarm clock at the far wall and curse whoever it was who came up with this thing we call ‘work’.
  5. One foot in and one foot out
    You toss and turn, stick one foot out of the blanket until it gets too cold and then pull it back in again. No matter what you try, you just can’t find that perfect sleeping position.
  6. People like to remind you of how ‘wasted’ you look
    After a long night of trying (and failing) to sleep, there’s always that one person the next day who says that you look wasted and then proceeds to ask how the hangover is going.
  7. You live off coffee the next morning/day/week
    You’ve never been much of a morning person so after a long sleepless night you basically stumble into the kitchen (with bloodshot eyes) and well, god help anyone who is blocking your way to the kettle.
  8. You’re envious of heavy sleepers
    Who do they think they are anyway? Their snoring is so loud that you have to consciously remind yourself it would be wrong to smother them with that pillow you’re currently digging your nails into.
  9. Emotions are running at an all-time high
    Tiredness can have a negative toll on your emotions and the NHS advises that it is time to see your GP if your lack of sleep is affecting your daily life and causing problems with your personal relationships with others.
  10. Ghosts DO exist

When you’re lying alone in a dark room, sleep deprived and angry at the world, for some reason the latest horror movie you’ve seen decides to re-play in your head and before you know it, that coat hanging on the door handle starts to merge into the shadows around it and transforms into a scary figure watching as you try to sleep. Time to turn the light back on because there is really no chance of sleeping now anyway, is there?

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