A recent ICM/BBC poll found that almost two thirds of respondents felt that the NHS in Wales was performing as good as or better than the NHS in England while just over one fifth said it was worse.

These findings yet again provide reassuring evidence that David Cameron’s attempts to portray Offa’s Dyke as a line between life and death is unscrupulous, politically motivated scaremongering.

Of course the fact that just over one fifth of respondents feels the NHS is worse in Wales means that the Welsh NHS is not without its problems.

The latest Welsh Government budget has recognised this and is committed to increasing expenditure on the service in the next financial year.

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  1. Martin Rathfelder says:

    The negative press coverage probably affects people’s response to polling on this.

  2. john locke says:

    Which rather goes to show that the present scaremongering about the NHS being in crisis is just untrue..

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