Traditionally, the best watches for nurses are those who don’t get in the way of the job, can be easily read and are simple to use when in a stressful environment. The best, most hygienic and practical watche, are those that can be attached to a uniform for easy access when working, but nurses – like anyone – can also appreciate beautiful wrist watches. For the times when the hospital rounds can wait, places – such as – have some beautiful timepieces on offer: here are just a few of our favourites.

Mark Maddox Rose Gold and Salmon Pink Watch

This watch is simple and beautiful, perfect for any woman who appreciates the finer things in life but doesn’t want to spend too much on a watch that’s going to be worn to work. This watch is the perfect statement of feminine class, it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to show off their style without breaking the bank.

Braun Men’s Digital Watch

This simple and elegant watch is perfect for anyone who appreciates the latest technology. This is a great watch for a nurse – male or female – because the large face makes it easy to tell the time. Perfect for when you’re in a rush or need to see in a dimly lit room.

The face is scratch resistant too and the whole watch is waterproof up to 5m.

Link Black Breo Watch

This is a fantastically affordable watch for anyone who isn’t too precious about their timepieces and just needs something with which to tell the time. For the price, it’s a surprisingly attractive watch with a very simple face and chunky black strap.

Kennet Gent’s Red and White Watch

If you’re looking for a large face and distinct hands, this is the perfect watch for you. It’s easy to read and the colour scheme is rather striking too. The time adjust button at the side is easily accessible too, for those of you who hate the frustration of fiddling with small parts.

Daniel Wellington Nato Oxford Gent’s Watch

Sometimes a leather, plastic or metal strap can become uncomfortable. The ultimate in watch comfort – at least at the more affordable end of the market – is a fabric strap. This Daniel Wellington watch is simple but it has an attractive red and blue strap. The hands are thin but on the plain white watch face, they really do stand out.

Police Tripod Chronograph Watch

If you need more information than just the time in your day-to-day work then a chronograph might be helpful. This one features multiple different dials and while it may bit a little confusing to look at, this is the kind of watch that can make your day easier as well as much more stylish.

Ladies Chronograph White Ceramic Watch

This watch is the epitome of luxury and if you want to make a statement at work, this is a great choice. There’s a good amount of glitz as well as attractive sub-dials and a ceramic bracelet. While this might not be appropriate for every day work wear, it’s definitely good for those days when something a bit smarter is required.

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