Just because an event is behind you doesn’t mean that you are going to be “fine.” Many people suffer long after the sirens have left and the deed is done. If you are one of the unfortunate many who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) there is help for you! Even if you feel as though the window has closed on you; that you waited too long or something else; you still have the ability to make things better for yourself by getting this PTSD treated and taken care of for you.

Inciting Event:

Maybe the first thing that you have to do to get the help you need is you need to go back and face the inciting incident; the thing which caused you to revert back to this state in the first place. PTSD impacts people who are high stress or have been caught in high stress situations and that can be hard for people to go back and face once again. However, you need to be able to help yourself before others can truly help you. Especially if the PTSD you’re suffering from is at the hands or because of the negligence of others. You didn’t want this thing impacting your life and you don’t want to be the one whose life suffers because of it. If it is the case that you now suffer from PTSD from the actions of someone else; maybe even from an event which has already been settled and dealt with; you still may be able to get financial compensation.


The symptoms of PTSD can be totally debilitating and very frightening. Maybe after you suffer from PTSD you suffer from bad dreams, inapplicable nervousness, flashbacks, upsetting memories of the trauma, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and inadvertent outbursts of anger and rage towards those you love. You may also suffer from further feelings of alienation and loneliness, emotional numbness, and intense and very scary physical reactions whenever you are reminded of or confronted with this event. These symptoms can make it hard for anyone to live a normal life. If this is you and you feel as though you can’t get on with things, there are outlets who are able to help you.


If you have been victim to feelings like this in the past and you want to get answers as to what type of compensation you may be able to get back, that is something you should speak to a professional about. If you have suffered at the hand of or negligence from another you need to get some answers. You also need to be repaid for the lost wages, bills you have accumulated, therapy and rehabilitation costs, and so much more. You are only one person and you can’t be expected to do everything on your own.


When you are talking about your mental health and general well being you always want to call on the A-team. After all this event could be impacting your life, your work, your relationships, and even just your ability to get out of bed and function every day! You’d hate to be a victim all of your life and suffer in silence. Take back your life and get the help you need by contacting professionals who can help make things right. Express Solicitors offers free consultation and will help you all along the way so that your life can be made whole once more.

Sufferers from PTSD often do so in silence. Don’t break down the relationships in your life and fall victim. Lift yourself up and challenge what put you here!

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  1. Jenny Firth-Cozens says:

    What is this advert for a solicitor doing on the socialist health website, presumably free? Very disappointing.

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    We carry adverts for money. Otherwise we would struggle to keep the site going. If you would like to subscribe or donate that would be very welcome

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