Women over 50 are now more interested in looking good and taking care of their bodies than ever before. As we no longer regard this as a particularly old age socially (unlike the generations before us in many cases did), It can be easy to forget that the body does have different needs once we have been past the menopause, and to carry on living as we did when we were 35. However, changes in hormonal balances in the forties and fifties can cause problems like reduced bone density, and make it harder to maintain a healthy weight than it was before.

Do we need to worry about these things? Of course not. One of the best ways to preserve strength and stay trim is to exercise, and while this applies to all ages, it is basically an essential for looking and feeling good when you are over 50. With the New Year around the corner, why not make it your resolution to take up a new sport or workout regime, and gain all the health and beauty benefits that come with regular exercise as well as having a great time?

Choose a Sport You Will Enjoy

Don’t worry about your skills, go for a sport you think will be fun. Everything has a beginner stage, and whether you go through it at 12 or 52, the professionals teaching you will not be judging you if you are terrible at your sport of choice at first – focus on having fun and getting a good workout, skills come over time. If you have always liked the idea of dancing, there are lots of classes to choose from from Zumba (which, while it looks intense, is suitable for all ability and fitness levels and ages) through to ballroom or salsa. If you like the idea of getting some self defence skills while you work out, you could try a martial art. If competitive sports grab you, you can join a sports team with other women your age or you can take up a solo or pairs sport like tennis or badminton. If you don’t want to do anything complicated or competitive and just want to have some time to de-stress and think while you exercise, swimming, cycling, running and hiking are all nice options too. There is something for everyone.

Getting Prepared

With just about every sport (with the exception of swimming), you need to make sure you have two things before you even get started – a good sports bra, and the right footwear. Normal trainers are not the best thing for every sport – for running you need running shoes, for tennis you need tennis shoes, and so on – they are all designed to support the foot in ways specific to the activity. You may also want to consider insoles, heel cups and other chiropractic inserts to help protect your feet and cushion your knees and other joints from impact. Sturdyfoot.com has a great range you can buy online.

Taking up a new sport can make you feel healthier and more relaxed as well as helping you sleep better. It can also be a good way to widen your social circle and discover a new hobby, so why not add it to your list of resolutions for 2015?

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