Until you experience it, a lot of people don’t know the facts about hearing loss. It’s not just a sign of age and it’s not just serious hearing loss that requires a hearing aid. If you’re worried about your hearing or just want the facts, take a look at hiddenhearing.co.uk.

Here are some hearing loss myths and misconceptions debunked once and for all.

Hearing loss only affects old people

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages. While it can be a factor of getting old, there are plenty of people in different age ranges who are affected by hearing loss.

I have one good ear

A lot of people with hearing problems who believe they have one good ear in reality have two bad ears, where one is slightly better than the other. Most types of hearing loss affect both ears and 90% of patients need two hearing aids.

It’s better to live with a little hearing loss than to have a hearing aid

A lot of people feel that a hearing aid will make them look old or handicapped. The truth is that untreated hearing loss will be more obvious than a hearing aid. The technology has come a long way from those bulky hearing aids we often think of. In fact, most hearing aids now are barely visible.

Only people with serious hearing loss need hearing aids

Hearing aids can improve all sorts of hearing loss, even minor conditions. It’s best to get your hearing checked if you think you have a problem because a hearing aid might improve your quality of life substantially.

Hearing aids are uncomfortable

This isn’t necessarily the case. If you invest in a good quality hearing aid, fitted by a professional, you’ll be able to get one that fits discreetly and comfortably.

For people who have used hearing aids in the past and not liked them, the technology is moving quickly. Give hearing aids another try and speak to a professional about your options.

A lot of people wear hearing aids that are barely noticeable.

Hearing loss is just a sign of my age

Regardless of whether it’s normal, you can still be treated for it. Don’t suffer just because you think hearing loss is something comes with old age. Get your hearing tested and see what treatments are available.

Hearing loss cannot be helped

Once upon a time it used to be that your GP would tell you that some kinds of hearing loss couldn’t be helped – nerve damage in one ear, for example – but technology has come on leaps and bounds since then. Nowadays the majority of people can be helped with hearing aids.

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    Or ask your GP to refer you to your local hospital and have the reatment for free.

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