Whilst gardening is a favourite pastime for many of us, it is also very effective in improving our overall health and wellbeing. Researchers have found that general gardening activities have multiple benefits including lowering blood pressure, increasing brain activity and reducing stress. In fact, the evidence is so compelling that it’s even being used to treat hospital patients and calm prisoners. If you have green fingers, you might want to know the following 10 ways in which gardening can benefit your overall physical and mental health:

1. Can reduce stress

Gardening can be a great stress relief from the demands of everyday life. Not only does gardening expose you to fresh air and sunlight, it offers a quiet space for contemplation. It also releases endorphins, the feel good happy chemicals!

2. Good for hand strength 

As we get older, diminishing strength in the hands can significantly narrow down the range of activities that are possible for us, but researchers have found that gardening can help keep those hand muscles vigorous and agile. Older adults who are gardeners have been found to have better hand strength and pinch force thanks to activities like digging and planting and watering.

3. Ensures good nutrition

The food you grow yourself is the freshest and healthiest food you can eat. Fruits and vegetables you grow in your own garden are higher in nutrients than the ones you buy at the supermarket. Vegetables seeds and plants, fruit trees and bushes can be found on spaldingbulb.co.uk.

4. Reduces depression and improves mental health

According to national charity, Thrive, research shows that gardening can help people through a specific period of difficulty in their lives, helping them get back on top of things and restore balance when it feels like life is veering out of control. ‘Horticultural therapy’, as it is now known, has proved successful for patients with depression and other mental illnesses.

5. Increases exercise

Digging, planting, weeding, using a weed trimmer and other gardening related tasks all require strength and stretching, providing low-impact exercise for people who find more vigorous exercise a challenge.

6. Lowers blood pressure 

The combined benefits of gardening, including reducing stress, eating healthier and exercising more can help to lower your blood pressure.

7. When you’re outdoors indulging in your favourite hobby, you’ll also soak up plenty of vitamin D. This will help your body to absorb calcium, keeping your bones strong and your immune system healthy.

8. Sleep patterns are improved

In recent studies, gardening has helped to calm agitation in people with dementia and anxiety, leading to better sleep patterns and improved quality of rest.

9. Enhances overall mood

According to the Daily Mail, a survey by Gardeners’ World magazine found that 90 per cent of gardeners think the activity improves their mood. The poll of 1,500 adults in the UK found that 80 per cent of gardeners feel satisfied with their lives compared with 67 per cent of non-gardeners.

10. Boost self esteem

Numerous studies have shown that gardening is an effective way of boosting self esteem and confidence in both young and old people. Spending time in the garden caring for plants and growing food can help to develop a real sense of pride and achievement.  A good backpack sprayer will help you in the  garden caring for plants.

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  1. All of these were actually proven benefits – awesome list!

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