Millions of people in the UK and across the world use supplements each day to obtain essential vitamins and minerals, which are especially beneficial if you have a busy lifestyle. To get the most from these dietary additions however, it is important to know the right time to take them during the day, particularly if you’re an exercise enthusiast.

There’s a reason why timing is crucial for athletes who reinforce their exercise regime with whey protein isolate drinks before and after training. One of these protein-infused shakes 30 minutes before a workout will boost energy levels. When you drink them after the workout, they help muscles to recover from stress and fatigue. Almost all dietary pills, capsules or powders will have specific time points when the benefits are maximised, whether it’s for a morning boost or an increase in afternoon energy.

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Early morning energy

Protein shakes have been developed to provide energy but you don’t just need to drink them before and after exercise. Many people use them to give themselves a nutritional boost in the morning; consider them a breakfast supplement after eight hours without food. Multivitamins are another good morning supplement, since they contain a combination of essential minerals and vitamins. Bear in mind, though, that these extra vitamins shouldn’t be viewed as an alternative to food and work best when taken before or during your morning meal.

Energy Drink

Mid-day mood enhancers

Another good time to take these little mental and physical-energy boosters is at lunchtime. Most vitamin capsules are designed to be consumed at the same time as a meal, when they’ll be broken down with food and released slowly into the body. Users will probably be directed towards consuming a cold drink at the same time to aid the capsule or pill in breaking down and being easily ingested. Fish oil offers a number of benefits, including lowering blood pressure, enhancing mental energy and focus. Omega 3 capsules are an ideal way to combat that afternoon work slump.

In the Gym

Bolstering your workout

If you’re going to perform high intensity exercise in the evening then this will be the best time to drink a protein energy drink. You’ll acquire the energy you need to make the workout more bearable. The combination of exercise and protein drinks has been shown to heighten the sense of well-being and can reduce mental stress. This allows you to power through your exercise routine with your brain focussed on the positive aspects instead of on the negative ‘pain factor’ of a workout.

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It’s important to always read the instructions included with your dietary supplements, which will advise you on the best time to use them. You’ll get a lot more for your money by ensuring these vitamins and minerals work harder at the right time.

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