Socialist Health Association Scotland backs Neil Findlay and Katy Clark for Scottish Labour leadership

SHA Scotland, one of the most active socialist societies affiliated to Scottish Labour, is to nominate Neil Findlay MSP as Leader and Katy Clark MP as Deputy Leader.

As Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, Neil Findlay has built a close working relationship with organisations like SHA Scotland working on key issues such as health inequalities, social care and strengthening NHS Scotland.

The establishment of the Health Inequalities Commission and the Quality Care Commission shows that he is interested in solutions to these major problems. He has also involved a wide range of people from within and outwith the party in this work – demonstrating that he will be an inclusive leader, prepared to look outside the political bubble.

SHA Scotland Chair, Dr David Conway said:

“Neil’s future focused ambitious policy commissions, the importance he places on listening and engaging with communities, and his fighting for difficult campaigns – makes a compelling case for Neil Findlay to lead the Scottish Labour Party at this time.”

SHA Scotland also recognises that Katy Clark understands the need for a fundamental redistribution of wealth and power if Scotland’s deep-seated health inequalities are to be seriously tackled.

SHA Scotland Secretary, Dave Watson said:

“Katy has a proven track in campaigning on difficult issues. She understands that politics as usual simply wont do. Scottish Labour has to take radical measures to address inequality in Scotland and that’s why we believe Katy Clark is the right choice as Deputy Leader.”

SHA Scotland Chair, David Conway sets out his reasons for supporting Neil Findlay on our blog.

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  1. Sadly I know nothing about these people and don’t know what side of the line they are on.

    If I can make one brief statement that I feel sums up the problem for New Labour, it is:

    It’s the “Market” dummy !

    Socialism works capitalism doesn’t, they either get that or watch New Labour sink into obscurity.

    The Scottish people are way ahead of the English on this one.

  2. says:

    They are both the kind of people we need to lead Scotland rather than someone with no charisma like Jim Murphy. We will get real people led policies and I fully support the view taken by the Scottish comrades

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