Exposure to loud noises can lead to hearing loss. This might not be while you work but studies show that people in these professions have a higher chance of hearing loss as they get older compared to the general population.

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Racing driver

Some motorsports are louder than others but continued exposure to these kinds of engine sounds can damage your hearing. It could be through tinnitus or loss of hearing at a later stage. Anyone working in motorsport – not just the drivers – needs to wear noise cancelling headphones to protect their ears. We can learn from this, even spectators should protect their ears in some way. Ear plugs are readily available and a lot of races have them for sale or even give them away for free.

Construction workers

Loud noises from machinery can really affect your hearing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a carpenter, plumber or road worker. If you are around loud machinery, it’s important to protect your ears with ear plugs or headphones. Construction workers who work for large companies usually have these provided but for workers who are self-employed, this can often get overlooked. Around half of construction workers report some kind of perceived hearing loss and this shows just how important it is to protect your hearing around machinery.


Musicians such as Chris Martin from Coldplay and Will.I.Am have reported hearing loss in the form of tinnitus, caused by performing and listening to loud music. This isn’t just a problem for the musicians themselves but for roadies, security, producers and anyone else who works in the music industry. If you are in close proximity to speakers (even as a music lover attending a gig) then you should protect your ears. There are earplugs you can get that won’t affect your listening experience but will protect your ears from the vibrations that will damage your hearing. A guide to setting up your Home Entertainment system could help reduce hearing loss in the home.

Factory workers

This is another job where there’s a likelihood of being exposed to loud machinery. When on the factory floor, ear protection should be worn. Even factories with lower decibel sounds can damage your hearing. It’s the constant exposure to noise that can cause irreversible damage. If you work in a factory and your employer doesn’t already provide you with ear protection, you need to ask.

Airline ground workers

A lot of people working in the transport industry are affected by hearing loss and exposure to loud noise. Those who work with planes are most susceptible as the sound of a jet engine is much louder than with buses, cars or motorbikes. The airline industry is generally pretty good with giving staff the right protection but if you’re new to the industry or just working with planes as a one off, you need to make sure you get the right ear protection and training. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, if you’re regularly exposed to loud sounds, you’re at risk of some kind of hearing loss. Make sure you protect your ears and adhere to all safety standards as set out by your employer or governing body.

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