In vitro fertilization is much more common than what many believe at the moment. We are talking about a procedure that is quite expensive and invasive. It is really important that you consider all the options that are available but that is only possible when you properly understand the advantages of IVF.


IVF will usually be used by the couples that have problems in getting pregnant after other methods are tried. It is seen as the last option that is considered. Eggs will be harvested surgically and the sperm from the male will be injected in a proper environment. A few days later, the eggs are implanted in the uterus of the woman and one week after that, a pregnancy test is taken. In most situations one IVF cycle costs around $10,000.

IVF Benefits

A really good London fertility clinic will increase the possibility of success. Based on the infertility problem that appears, IVF may be the only real option that is available for a couple. As a very simple example, the woman that has blocked fallopian tubes wants to consider IVF because of the fact that this is the only real change that she has to get pregnant. If the man has a low sperm count or eggs are not fertilized because of other reasons, IVF stands out as being highly recommended.

IVF is also a great opportunity in the event that you use donor eggs. Women may need this in the event that they have ovarian failure or issues that will have a negative effect on egg supply. Embryos end up created with the use of the partner sperm and donor eggs.

Genetic Abnormalities Detected

IVF is also very beneficial because of the fact that the doctor can test for potential genetic abnormalities before the transfer actually takes place. There are women that are faced with risks and a baby can be affected by chromosomal disorders. The advances made in medical technology allow doctors to test chromosomes in every single embryo before the in vitro fertilization is completed.

Consider The Following

The advantages mentioned above are obviously really important and couples will want to take them into account. The problem is that IVF stands out as being quite expensive. That is especially true in the event that genetic testing will be used on embryos. Costs are rarely covered by insurance so couples need to find the necessary funds. We should also realize the fact that in vitro fertilization does not guarantee you will get pregnant. Some couples will want to go through a few cycles and a lot of pregnancy testing until pregnancy happens.

With all this in mind, make sure that you seriously consider all the options that are available. Learn all that you can about the considered clinics because of the fact that this will have a huge impact on success possibility. You want to get the services of a doctor that actually has a lot of experience. Make sure that you take as much time as possible in order to be 100% sure that you do all you can in order to get pregnant.

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