Nowadays, there is an increase in the number of doctors that prescribe acupuncture. Although this is still rare because most doctors are not aware of the science that proves the benefits of acupuncture, it is great to see.

It is a guarantee you want to learn more about acupuncture and the associated health benefits. Here are some that were highlighted by Health Annotation and that you will surely find as being quite impressive.

Back Pain Is Eased

Most people hire an acupuncturist because they suffer from back pain. Acupuncture will help in relieving chronic back pain. There was a study that was published in Archives Of Internal Medicine that showed that there is an improvement of around 15% in symptoms when compared with those that went through standard chiropractic care or took medication.

Medication Efficiency Is Increased

It was proven that acupressure helps heal high blood pressure and it can so easily improve medication efficiency. When you use acupuncture and take some drugs, you may end up with more help than just with medication. In many situations patients are able to cut doses and just add acupuncture sessions.

Indigestion Is Soothed

Research done in Brazil highlighted that indigestion was alleviated with the use of acupuncture, together with heartburn noticed in pregnant women. It was proven that 75% of pregnant women that used acupuncture had improved symptoms.


This is one of the huge advantages that are associated with the use of acupuncture. It was proven many times that acupuncture therapy helps patients deal with migraines, tension headaches and much more. It is even effective at preventing migraines and tension headaches. In the event that you are suffering from headaches, you do want to see an acupuncture specialist.

Ending Obesity

We all know the fact that a person can lose weight with simple lifestyle changes but when dealing with obesity, everything is far more complicated. We do not have access to many studies that were conducted on patients that were suffering from obesity and that used acupuncture as an alternative treatment option.

We saw great results in some studies that were carried out in Korea and acupuncture therapy brought in increased body weight decreases when compared with medications and even lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, there are some flaws in the studies and long term benefits are not properly documented.


On the whole, there are so many acupuncture benefits that we have to take into account. We are faced with so many interesting options that are currently available and hiring a professional can so easily lead towards various improvements in overall health.

You should learn all that you can about acupuncture. It is definitely an alternative medicine form that is not properly understood. You can improve your health and this is definitely something you want to consider. Make sure that you always do all that you can in order to find a therapist that has a lot of experience. There are no real certified classes that an acupuncturist should go through. With this in mind, it is vital that you find one that has suitable experience.

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  1. Hannah Basson says:

    The acupuncture GPs prescribe (and is available on the NHS in most physio and a few podiatry departments) is not actually traditional Chinese acupuncture – it’s deep tissue needling.

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