Cigarettes can kill you – that is an undisputable fact. Despite that, according to the Daily Mail 19.3% of the UK population still smoke, although large numbers of people manage successfully to give up this noxious habit. Vaping is now increasingly popular, and here are ten reasons why it’s considered by many to be healthier than smoking:


1. Smoking kills

In 2013 The Independent published an article that revealed that 1 billion people across the globe will die this century as a result of smoking cigarettes. Conditions, including heart disease, lung cancer and strokes can be caused as a result of tobacco.


2. Passive smoking is dangerous

Passive smoking is also dangerous. You don’t have to be a smoker yourself, but if you share an environment with one who does exhale tobacco smoke its poison can still affect you. The medical website suggests that children and adults are 20-30% more likely to develop lung cancer as a result of passive smoking.


3. Vaping is a good way to stop smoking

Many smokers who find it hard to kick the habit have resorted to e-cigarettes, such as these examples from Phoenix eliquid, to help them. It’s not the actual tobacco in a cigarette that’s addictive, but the nicotine. Tobacco cigarettes also contain many other chemicals that cause harm.


4. Withdrawing by stages

Vaping lets you reduce your nicotine consumption in stages. You can start off with a high dose, and as your willpower increases and you become accustomed to vaping, you can reduce your nicotine intake through your e-cigarette.


5. Vaping doesn’t cause so much harm to others

The international news agency Reuters, recently shared the results of a study that revealed that, ‘non-users of e-cigarettes might be exposed to nicotine but not to many toxicants when they are in close proximity to e-cigarette users.’


6. You’ll never have smelly clothes again

Another major benefit associated with vaping is that the e-cigarette is non-odorous. You can also wave goodbye to stained paintwork in the home. Non-smokers won’t dislike visiting you, as they’ll no longer have to contend with the smell of stale tobacco that permeates smokers’ houses.


7. You’ll reduce the risk of fire with vaping

According to research published by the BBC ‘one third of all fire fatalities are caused by cigarettes. Vaping doesn’t entail the use of combustible materials. Cigarettes also can cause scorch marks around the house and are extremely dangerous when left in an ashtray unattended.


8. Your financial health will be improved

The price of 20 conventional cigarettes in the UK can rise up to nearly £9 and this figure rises on an annual basis. A person who smokes 20 per day can see their weekly spend on cigarettes rise to £63.00 per week. You’re literally burning your hard earned money. E-cigarettes are far cheaper.


9. Vaping isn’t so dangerous for small children

Small children and babies experience many problems resulting from the passive inhalation of tobacco smoke. Their small lungs should never be exposed to the toxicity of tobacco smoke and vaping is a safer way for adults to overcome their tobacco habit in the presence of children.


10. Vaping can help you give up cigarettes

In the UK 2.1 million people use e-cigarettes in a bid to give up smoking. This will generate a healthier population and a cleaner country. Vaping is a growing trend.

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  1. mike roberts says:

    Lets get real. Vaping is as bad as smoking and as such should play no part of a serious health agenda. That’s the ONLY reason we need to be aware of

  2. Mary foy says:

    The jury is still out on e-cigs. If they help people quit then it’s an obvious health benefit, however e-gigs damage the positive work being carried out to create a smoke free future by de-normalising smoking for children. And, importantly, all the big tobacco companies are involved in the production and marketing of e-cigs which is a good enough reason for me not to fully endorse them.

  3. Martin Rathfelder says:

    The other way of looking at it is that the energies of some of the private sector are devoted to getting people off cigarettes and on to vaping, and are doing so more effectively than public health has ever been able to. It would be surprising if vaping was harmless, but it is clearly an order of magnitude less harmful than tobacco.

  4. Tom Williams says:

    There are also significant benefits in terms of cigarette related litter, causing less damage to water sources, wildlife, the oceans and improving the urban environment. – However vaping should only be seen as a stop gap towards a nicotine free world.

  5. Tony Jewell says:

    This is an area of policy that is not clear yet. Vaping is a way of using nicotine, a highly addictive drug, so needs to be regulated. The technologies need to be used as part of smoking cessation services but without the mock cigarette technology. Vaping should be subject to same smoke free enclosed spaces legislation as we need to denormalise smoking and its behaviours.The tobacco industry involvement is highly dangerous as purveyors of tobacco and other nicotine providing gear their interests are not an end to smoking.

  6. Medusa Juice says:

    I am 100% sure that smoking would have killed me, I was a smoker for over 20 years and the only thing that got me off the cigs was e-cigs. From all the studies that I have seen (that have not been manipulated by the press or companies that have an interest in tobacco) vaping and e liquid are massively less of a risk to your health that cigarettes. I am not convinced that there is zero risk as I am a firm believer that putting anything in your lungs except fresh alpine air is going to have some sort of negative effect, however, for me it is about harm reduction and if everyone moved over to e-cigs and e liquid, the uk and the world would see a huge decrease in deaths every year from not only smoking related deaths but from less house fires too as 2 thirds of deaths from house fires are from people not extinguishing cigarettes properly.

  7. ejuicemafia says:

    Vaping is one of those ways, though, to help you stop. People have found their health to improve when they switched to vaping over smoking.


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