The document to which these amendments relate  is on the Your Britain website.  At present these are merely proposals the Association is considering.  They are not yet agreed.

Page 10

Line 15 insert “We will make healthy choices easier by ensuring that the financial incentives and taxation system supports affordable healthy products such as fresh fruit and vegetables while making unhealthy products high in fat, salt and sugar better regulated and relatively more expensive.  We will tax alcohol progressively by unit of alcohol, introduce minimum unit pricing and encourage low alcohol products.  We will reduce the hours during which supermarkets are permitted to sell alcohol and make it more difficult to buy dangerous quantities of alcohol following the successful example of reducing damage caused by paracetamol poisoning.”

Line 33 insert “We will progressively raise the age below which it is unlawful to supply tobacco to young people.  We will bring forward proposals to reform the law on misuse of drugs to balance the penalties against the harm done by different drugs including alcohol and tobacco.”

“We will take forward the programme of fluoridation of the water supply to reduce the damage to children’s teeth”


See also proposals relating to the documents on Stability and Prosperity, Work and Business, Living Standards and Sustainability, Stronger Safer Communities, Education and Children and Better Politics.



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  1. A future Labour Government should aim to ensure that food and drink manufacturers reduce the sugar content in their products. This could be achieved either through the taxation system, or , if necessary, direct action.

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