Nursing Homes Exist on Reliable Supply

Few needed to be asked twice when the Second World War broke out. Britain was at war and soldiers had a duty. That war lasted six years and in its midst there was a report published that stated intention was to make everyone’s life better when hostilities ceased. The Beveridge Report was published in 1942. Its intent was to address five evils:

  • Squalor
  • Want
  • Idleness
  • Disease
  • Ignorance

Social welfare                                                   

Its report on social welfare formed the basis of the legislation that the post war Labour Government presented to Parliament, the creation of the National Health Service (NHS) that has subsequently been seen as the brainchild of Nye Bevan, a true socialist from Wales.

There has never been any question of reversing that legislation whichever Party has been in power. That does not mean that every government since has put the same priority on Health and the funding provided to keep the Nation healthy. Not surprisingly that has meant the growth of charities, pressure groups that seek to lobby for people who may not have the resources needed to keep themselves fit and comfortable.

Things have changed

In the days before that War, families generally looked after themselves. The elderly stayed with one of their children. Move ahead a few decades and those that are not able to lead an independent life often go into care homes, some with nursing care where the guests are beginning to experience failing health.

It is not that children are forgetting their responsibilities to their parents; it is just the way that modern life is geared. Many feel extremely comfortable in care homes particularly when they can move some of their own belongings into their rooms to maintain familiar surroundings. The fact that guests can get all the care they need and create new friends of their own age are obvious benefits. It is sometimes difficult to maintain a large home once the family has moved out. They are all welcome to visit regularly.

It is easy to begin to worry about elderly people. Is there home secure and what happens if they are alone and something goes wrong? It is a matter of balancing the desire for independence with the ability to have it.


Anyone who has an elderly parent and has discussed the future with them must surely consider the reasons for selecting a nursing home:

  • It’s locality is important and ideally it should be fairly close to the neighbourhood the parent has enjoyed in recent years
  • It should be modern and capable of providing the quality service that children will want for their elderly relations
  • It should be comfortable, well equipped and supplied by specialists that stock everything a home might need and can deliver on request.

Nursing home suppliers have businesses to run. They must make profit in order to exist but they also need to show concern for the elderly that require attention, specialist care and good quality products. The supplies that homes require cover a broad spectrum. There are all the things specific to a building and maintaining hygiene within the building. Guests require treatment, food and every business needs administration and office supplies. It is quite a range and it makes sense for a home to find a supplier that can offer most things.

When the Beveridge Report was published its avowed intent was to make life better for every UK citizen. Some have always been able to look after themselves. Others need help and in a modern developed country that is the minimum people should be able to expect.

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