It’s always the unexpected problems that catch us out.  A routine visit to the opticians, for example, can prove rather costly if the results of an eye examination deem it necessary for you to need glasses.

Suddenly, that bill has increased significantly from the set cost of a scheduled appointment and test, to the price of lenses, frames, fitting and further, more regular visits. It’s reported that 71% of people experience unexpected costs such as this, car repairs, household appliance breakdowns and vet bills, and with the average cost of an optician’s bill weighing in at £195, that can put an unwelcome strain on finances.

To avoid nasty shocks such as this, plan ahead and be prepared. Saving just £3 a day will help you cope with an unexpected hefty bill, and that £3 can be achieved simply by cutting back on everyday items that you could perhaps do without. If you can’t manage £3 a day, even a smaller amount will help.

Magazines or newspapers, a takeaway coffee or evening beer, snacks, scratch cards, maybe a bus trip you don’t need to make. Skipping just one of these can make a real difference.

Data is from research by Money Advice Service. For more help with calculating how you can make savings, consult


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  1. Clutter says:

    I suspect saving £3 a day or any saving at all will be impossible for those on minimum wage, JSA, ESA etc.

  2. Tom williams says:

    And what if you don’t buy any of these things? Actually I’ve never quite figured out how people afford to smoke, drink, and live off dominos pizzas!

  3. Paul Wilson says:

    This is something that happens in most of the medical urgency cases. I had also suffered unexpected expense when I visited an optician. But there are quality and cost-effective opticians such as Bridle Opticians at Chichester (U.K.); which can help you grab the best and cheaper optical equipments, especially lenses. They also have consultation facilities to assist you with any defect and its solution.

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