Smoking has a huge history stretching back over thousands of years, and there are so many arguments that have arisen over the last few centuries, both for and against smoking, but as we continue to research the pros and cons of this ritual, practice, habit, or whatever you wish to call it, the cons begin to out-weight the pros.

When you embark on the journey of a tobacco free life, things seem to get a little complicated. There is help in so many different places, from a wide variety of brands and then the huge array of products, but choosing what is right for you is a different matter entirely. You have to be fully committed to even have a chance of quitting. Research your options, find out what kind of habitual smoker you are, whether it is the regular hand movement, the social interaction, or the relief from stress it seems to give you.

In order to double your chance of quitting, it’s worth investing in one of the following:

Electronic Cigarettes

One of the most talked about products of the moment. These help the habitual smoker with the regular hand to mouth movement and enable the user to be in greater control of the nicotine amount they consume. There have been many studies to suggest that electronic cigarettes are just as useful as an aid to quitting as other. There are great flavours including cola, pina colada and so many more which you can find at

Inhalators and mouth sprays

These are another good alternative, but can leave a nasty taste in the mouth. The sprays give a quick hit of nicotine which can then lay on the chest and even make you hiccup and burp. Maybe not the most sophisticated ways to quit, but it does reduce the craving.

Nicotine Gum and Lozenges

These are great for those people who have a greater craving in the morning, as the lozenges come in different strengths, allowing you to take a stronger one in the morning and then less throughout the day. With regards to the gum, the nicotine must be consumed by ensuring the gum is placed and held directly inside the cheek to allow the release in to the body.


This is one of the more common and traditional ways of quitting. The patch can be hidden anywhere on the body, and releases the nicotine slowly throughout the day. The patches can seem unsightly which is why many people are choosing other methods to help them quit, but this is still a helpful aid for quitting.

There are many other ways to help, just ask your doctor, you could even try hypnotherapy. Alternatively, you could go cold turkey, but this diminishes the likeliness of you being able to quit and stick to beating the habit. Use one or a combination of the above any you are twice as likely to be able to kick the habit for good. Even if you don’t succeed the first time, do not be disheartened, only 4-7% of people are able to quit smoking the first time they try. Stick with it and know that you will be able to kick it eventually, and think of the savings. See how much you could save here.

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