Mike Roberts :35
Doug Naysmith:94

Chris Bain  : 89
Tony Beddow : 36

Central Council Ballot

Votes cast in the 2014 election
Rank (20 to be elected)CandidateVotes
1Dr Brian Gibbons:114
2Shibley Rahman:111
3Steve Adshead:110
4Richard Grimes:107
5Melanie Johnson:105
6Dr Hannah Cooke:104
7Patrick Vernon:100
7Dr Patrick French:100
7Joe Farrington-Douglas:100
10Richard Bourne:98
11David Pickersgill:96
12Dr Matthew Prior:95
13Cllr Sanchia Alasia:94
14Gavin Ross:91
15David Amos:89
16Dr Judith Varley:88
16Dr Eric Watts:88
18Robert Buckley:84
18Dr Tony Jewell:84
20David Davies:79
21Alison Scouller:54
22Harry Clarke:43
23Noemi Fabry:41
24Cllr Mike Roberts:37
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  1. Hannah Basson says:

    Amazing – with a few notable exceptions, you seem to have collected an undercover organisation of Blairites. You got one that wants top-ups in the NHS, a few that want to do more collaborative work with private health providers, one that is pro-PFI, a sacked NHS manager, a pro-rationing person and the director of the south west pay cartel who also happens to a be a KPMG associate. The unions that donate to you must be really proud.

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