Chapitre 1:
‘The chief executive of the trust with the biggest deficit in the NHS [National Health Service] has resigned, HSJ [‘Health Service Journal’] has learned …
‘Chris Streather, who has led South London Healthcare [NHS] Trust since it was established in April 2009, confirmed to HSJ this afternoon that he was stepping down.’
14 June 2012:
Chapitre 2:
‘Dr Streather will be taking up a new post leading south London’s academic health science network in July.´
14 June 2012:
Chapitre 3:
Mr [Jeremy] Hunt said: “In the wake of Mid Staffs, we have introduced a tough new barring scheme to stop failed managers from popping up in other parts of the NHS …´,
24 December 2013:
Chapitre 4:
‘Two bosses at a Kent hospital foundation trust put into special measures last year have resigned …
Medway NHS Foundation Trust said … … chief executive Mark Devlin had decided the time was right for [him and the Chair] to move on.’
30 January 2014:
Chapitre 5:
‘Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex (HE KSS) is delighted to welcome back Mark Devlin, Chief Executive of Medway NHS Foundation Trust as its Interim Chair.’
30 January 2014:
Chapitre 6:
‘ … history repeats itself, “the first as tragedy, then as farce”‘,
Karl Marx, ‘The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon‘, (translated from ‘Der 18te Brumaire des Louis Napoleon’, ‘Die Revolution’, 1852):
Question: who runs our public services? Not the public by the look of it. Nor the government.
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  1. Kay England says:

    Hunt the puppet plays the lip service game very well while his masters manouvre the NHS tut sweet…

  2. Mr Biswas says:

    •The NHS must stop the constant recycling of the golden cabal of failures (individuals) who move from one top job to another. Most of these individuals go on to anoint themselves a level of importance that any attempt by the public, or indeed NHS staff, to understand this, is quickly met with contempt.

  3. Mervyn Hyde says:

    Jeremy Hunt the great defender of the NHS.

    With a CV like this it’s obvious he taking the nation for a ride.

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