During 2012’s Olympic Games, the NHS was one of the historical triumphs the UK could flaunt in front of foreign visitors. And yet, since the coalition government came into power, they’ve been doing their damnedest to dismantle this altruistic institution. This is even though the Conservative Party promised in their manifesto to avoid doing just that.#

London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

The Health and Social Care Act

The Health and Social bill hit the NHS like a freight train. The government’s reasoning is that the NHS is a failing institution that is no longer affordable, even though research shows that the NHS is one of the best international healthcare systems, is cost-effective, and is reviewed highly by those who receive care. Of course, there is room for improvement, but this attack on the NHS just doesn’t have the facts behind it.

Thanks to the Government’s Health and Social Care Act 2012, primary care trusts and strategic health authorities will be dismissed. Instead, we will have clinical commissioning groups, which will be in charge of £60bn of the NHS’s budget. All commissioning will occur through competitive tendering and NHS contracts will be opened up to private sectors. £250m has been freed up for this purpose and 105 private companies have been given an NHS contract.

From here, more than £750m worth of services will be tendered. There are huge profits to be made through privatisation, but the public will lose out. With all the staff reductions and cuts to the NHS, the coalition is setting up the NHS to fail, privatising as much as it can and lowering quality of care due to poor funding/staff numbers.

The Results of Tendering

Competitive tendering means that patients with serious illnesses will be shipped from one care provider to another, providing little continuity and increasing the likelihood of mistakes. This will be extremely difficult to coordinate and providers will be able to cherry-pick, leaving the NHS with the expensive and high-risk patients.

In actual fact, the Health and Social Care Act legislates against the free healthcare that we’re so proud of. The coalition government is banking on public ignorance to push these harmful motions against the NHS. 60 hospitals are at risk of going bankrupt due to financing extremely expensive PFI debts, but no hospital is safe from closure.

Yet, you’ll hear from the coalition that the NHS budget is protected. Cuts, dressed up as efficiency savings, are crippling this healthcare institution. Vital services, such as A&Es and maternity wards, are being shut down every day. Thousands of jobs have been lost and this will only result in people dying.

If you think it stops here, you’re wrong. Rationing of care will continue until we’re faced with a system that provides high quality care to those that can pay for it and low quality care to those from poorer backgrounds. Not everyone can afford health insurance. Will we still have the NHS in the years to come?

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    Typical of this government. need one say more…

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