Andy Burnham

Clinton’s advisor said “It’s the economy stupid, but don’t forget healthcare.” NHS likely to be second issue in the next election. Not sure what will be left if two terms of Tories.

Wants Tower Hamlets to be beacon for what NHS could be:  Prevent postcode lotteries,  Restrictions on cataracts. Divergence from NICE guidelines. Restrictions on hips, bariatric surgery, varicose veins etc diverge from NICE guidelines.

Patients before profits. We let the market in too far in Healthcare. Bill takes this all much further, with already 3 areas in each PCT going out to Any Qualified Provider.  Now 39 services to go out to AQP. Whole Community Health Sservice going out in some areas.  So NHS First is a preferable new policy to replace Any Qualified Provider.

We need to keep an eye on 4 hour target for A&E. Labour should keep a watch on this locally.

We need detailed register of interests of all those on NHS committees esp Clinical Commissioning Groups, and this is too weak in the Bill.

The British NHS provides a comprehensive service for less than 10% of GDP.  Markets deliver less for more and are more fragmented.  Labour let the market in too far, so NHS First policy in future coupled with planning of services.  Labour will keep social services centrally integrated into the NHS. So whole person care will result.

Local government has better focus on prevention and understanding of social determinants of health

Sec of state should lay out the entitlement and the local politicians decide the how. More progress on food and alcohol and physical activity. Labelling and voluntary codes have had their day. Cereals etc should have max levels of sugar fat etc, he is asking the question, not policy yet.

In the meantime, the council should go to CCG and say we want NHS preferrred provider.  Contradiction between GPs in charge and compulsory 3 services out to tender.

Burnham will repeal Bill esp Part 3 and AQP.

Equivocal reply to my question of PFI.  We will learn the lessons, but still defended the hospital buildings it allowed

Annual year of care tariff for long term conditions being considered to replace Payment by Results

Commitment to Walk in Centres as alternative to A&E and attending GP.

Question on Health tourism.  Need to police existing rules, not make new ones

He gave a personal insight into change from mining towns where he was brought up being physically dangerous and emotionally secure society to now life being physically safer and emotionally less secure, resulting in more mental ill health.  Will make argument for co-location of physical and mental healthcare.

Did not answer question about commitment of rest of shadow cabinet to his proposals.

Question on social care low wages. Social care world is a cut price minimum wage world, on zero hours contracts, we have got it all wrong.  Needs integrate health and social care commissioning to change this.

Labour will bring its policy up to scratch during the course of 2013.  We need clear vision based on ideology and values to get people out to fight election on the door steps

Report from Dr Kambiz Boomla

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  1. Mina Rodgers says:

    Labour need to commit to reversing some of the Tory Policies before we could take them seriously.

  2. socadmin says:

    Both Ed Miliband and Andy have repeatedly committed themselves to repealing the main provisions of the Tories’ Health Act. But we need to develop positive and realistic alternatives.

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